Research Program of SPHDCi

Research is a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder activity of the hospital involving administration, officers, allied and the medical staff of the different clinical departments.

SPHDCi Review Ethis Committee

The SPHDCi Management defines the facilities and infrastructure necessary to provide properly the health care service in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Note: Cut-off date for Protocol Submission:

Only protocols submitted at least two (2) weeks before a scheduled meeting shall be included in the agenda for Full Review.

For inquiries please contact 09097419683 or email

Checklist of Initial Review Requirements:

A. Accomplished Application Form for Protocal Review Form in duplicate with one copy is for the SPH-IERC file and the other copy is for the PI.
B. Protocol Summary Sheet Form
C. Letter from the Department Chair / Training Officer / Research Coordinator attesting that the study protocal has undergone technical review by the Department
D. Detailed Research Protocol using as guide the Research Protocol Format Form
E. Confidentiality Agreement for Researcher Form
F. Data collection form/s
G. Informed Consent form (English and local dialect)
H. Assent forms (if applicable)
I. Investigator’s Brochure (if applicable)
J. Philippine Food and Drug Administration Approval (if applicable)
K. Certificates of Insurance (if applicable)
L. Budget
M. Curriculum Vitae of the PI and Co-Investigator (Co-I) (signed & dated)
N. Valid Good Clinical Practice Certificates of the PI and Co-I (if applicable)
O. GANTT Chart
P. Ads for recruitment (if applicable)
Q. Color coded (assigned color per department) clear book with at least 20 pages

Organizational Chart

SPH-IERC Organizational Chart

SPH-IERC Members

SPH-IERC Members

Final Version SPH IERC SOP

Schedule of SPH-IERC Regular Meeting

  • Every first Wednesday of the Month.
  1. Location of the new office:
    Room 407-408 4th Floor Rita Stang Annex Building, San Pedro Hospital of Davao City, Inc.
  1. Tel No: (082) 222-6100 local 212
  1. E-mail:

SPH-IERC Process Flow Chart