Vision/Mission/Quality Policy/Core Values

Our Vision

We, the San Pedro Hospital Community envision persons experiencing the best quality health care services in mercy and compassion.

Our Mission
We, the San Pedro Hospital Community of health workers commit to:

  • Provide the best quality and compassionate health care services in satisfying all individuals with reverence and respect of their person;
  • Deliver quality satisfying services expected of a training health care institution;
  • Witness as a community, the mercy and compassion of a loving God in the performance of individual and communal responsibility.

Quality Policy
The Management of San Pedro Hospital of Davao City, Inc. believes that its services are part of the Church Apostolate and driven by the following management principles:

  • It is our aim to achieve a high standard of compassionate quality service to our customers and other interested parties by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations;
  • Enhance the use of best preventive practices at all levels and ensure reliable risk management;
  • Develop staff competencies, creativity and accountability through appropriate personnel development programs;
  • Compliance with all pertinent regulatory and statutory requirements;
  • Drive continual improvement and sustainable initiatives based upon efficient business processes.

Core Values (QCPACT)
Quality and Customer Focused Service

  • Follows systems and procedures
  • Renders fast, timely and efficient service
  • Listen and acts on patient’s/client’s complaints
  • Provides patients with timely, complete, correct information, regarding their current state and the hospital procedures that they will have to go through
  • Serves with respect and wearing a ready smile to patients and colleagues
  • Commits to continual improvements both in the formal and non-formal training, learning events


  • Participates in community/institutional/departmental activities and programs
  • Attends bibles sharing sessions
  • Exhibits community team spirit be volunteering services to community outreach projects and in times of calamity
  • Promotes health and education to the community
  • Contributes services whenever Code 8000 is up


  • Finds time to pray, meditate/reflect in the privacy of the chapel/prayer room
  • Starts and ends a task/any clinical procedure with a prayer
  • Participates in prayer especially in the administration of the Sacrament of the Holy Anointing and Emergency Baptism
  • Participates in the Eucharistic Celebrations, Liturgical and Seasonal Spiritual Celebrations
  • Joins the community/institutional prayer
  • Attends all Christian Formation Programs, Retreats and Recollections


  • Attends to patients regardless of their economic, political, social background
  • Conducts health education to the poor and the needy
  • Visits the sick especially the terminally ill members of the community and interacts with warmth and concern
  • Administers Emergency Baptism in the absence of the priest
  • Ministers to patients and their family in need


  • Provides comfort and support to the suffering and mouring
  • Serves patients with tender, loving care and respect
  • Shows moral, spiritual and emotional support
  • Attend to patients regardless of economic status
  • Endorses “Charity Patients” to the Medical Social Service Section for government assistance

Team Spirit

  • Maintains good communication with co-employees and management in the performance of a task
  • Shows sensitivity to the needs of others
  • Takes the initiative to help others especially during emergencies
  • Cooperates with others to achieve a common goal
  • Shows openness to dialogue when conflict arises
  • Accepts feedback to improve task