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General Services

Motor Pool (Ambulance)

For inquiries please contact
Contact # (082) 222-6100 local number 106 (ER)

Administrative Services

Pastoral Care Section

The Pastoral care connotes the notion of pastor or shepherd who cares for the welfare of his sheep. However, this is specifically to be understood as a spiritual, religious and psychological care given by a pastoral care giver. In the hospital setting it is patterned upon in the concern that Christ showed for the bodily and spiritual welfare of those who were ill. This care is by the Church in its ministry to the sick. This ministry is the common responsibility of all Christians, who should visit the sick, remember them in prayer, and celebrate the sacraments with them. The family and friends of the sick, doctors, nurses and others who care for them, and priests with pastoral responsibilities have a particular share in this ministry of comfort.

Services Offered

    • Pastoral Care Service to assist patients in their spiritual needs and facilitate spiritual activities for the community.
    • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), a training program for spiritual healthcare.
    • Emergency Baptism
    • Anointing of the Sick
    • Confession
    • Holy Communion
    • Prayer for/with the Sick
    • Daily Patient Visitation
    • Hospice Care
    • Blessing of the Dead
    • Emergency Marriage Validation (special cases only)
    • Daily – Eucharistic Celebration
    • Prayer Service for the Dead (immediate family members)
    • Blessings
    • Memorial Mass
    • Clinical Pastoral Education
    • Seminars/Formations
    • Recollections
    • Participation in Community Extension Activities
    • Other Liturgical Celebrations

For inquiries please contact
Contact # (082) 222-6100 local 190 (Pastoral Care Office)
Contact # (082) 222-6100 local 134 (Chaplains Office)

Medical Social Service Section

Health, therefore, can be achieved only in response to many favorable influences: physical fitness, mental and emotional stability, social development and economic productivity, sound spiritual and moral values, as related to the cultural, traditional, and environmental conditions in the community. MSW’s relate all these factors to the problems presented by their clientele. The aim is to arrive at a holistic approach in facilitating the return of the patient to optimum health.

Social Service in hospitals and health agencies is necessary to meet social problems influencing the effectiveness of health and medical care, through an increased understanding of the interrelationship of socio-economic and emotional factors affecting health and wholesome family and community life. It is expected to change individual lives and make patients family members, and significant others ( non-relative) realize their role in attaining total health, thereby enhancing their participation towards the curative, restorative, preventive, promotive and rehabilitative aspects of health.

General Objective

  • To help patients adjust to the hospital situation: its scope of service, limitations, policies, rules and regulations;
  • To help the patients solve their problems which directly or indirectly affect their medical condition while in the hospital;
  • To make patients and their families work towards the development of their inner selves in preparation for a healthier and self – reliant way of life;
  • To promote continuity of family relationship and to prevent family maladjustments and disorganization during and after illness;
  • To assist the doctor and other team members gain an understanding of the socio – behavioral and economic situation of patients and their families in order to arrive at a holistic approach to diagnosis

For inquiries please contact
Contact # (082) 222-6100 local 189

Quality Management Section

  • Quality Management Representative
  • Customer Relations Officer
(082) 222-6100 local 129
Monday to Friday (8:00am – 4:00pm)
Ground Floor, Car Park Building

Marketing and Business Development

(082) 222-6100 local 218
Monday to Friday (8:00am – 4:00pm)
Ground Floor, Car Park Building

Human Resource Service

Ms. Kimmorene S. Barnayha, RPm
OIC – Human Resource Serivce
(082) 222-6100 local number 170 (HR Director);
local number 149 (Benefits and Compensation);
local number 104 (Hiring)
Monday to Friday (8:00am – 4:00pm)
Ground Floor, Car Park Building

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